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VAT changes


​Publiched on 20.12.2022 / reading time approx. 1 minute

Tax allowance for new residential properties

The reduced tax rate of 5 % applicable to the sale of new residential properties may be applied until 31. December 2024. Based on the transitional rule, the reduced tax rate will be applicable until 31. December 2028 for long-delayed construction projects for which a building permit has become final or the construction has been notified under the simple notification rules on 31. December 2024.

Definition of new residential properties

New residential properties are also properties created through a change of function.  Properties sold within 2 years after the issue of an official certificate certifying the change of use will be considered as new property, the sale of which will become subject to tax.

Clarification concerning reverse charge

The rules on the applicability of reverse charge have been extended for construction and fitting-out work relating to the construction or extension of properties. Instead of the previous condition of a building permit, the supply of services relating to properties is now subject to reverse charge even if the construction work requires a permit from any other professional authority or a notification from the public authority.

For further four years, until 31. December 2026, reverse charge may be applied to certain agricultural products and steel industry products.

Change concerning the data content of invoices:

It has been clarified that the amount of tax passed on should only be indicated in HUF on the invoice when invoiced in a foreign currency if the supply of goods or services accompanied by the invoice issued is taxable in that specific country.


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