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About us


As attorneys, tax advisers, management and IT consultants and auditors, Rödl & Partner is present with more than 110 own offices in around 50 countries. Worldwide, our clients trust our 5,800 colleagues.

The history of Rödl & Partner goes back to its foundation as a solo practice in 1977 in Nuremberg. Our aspiration to be on hand wherever our internationally-active clients are led to the establishment of our first, own offices, commencing with Central and Eastern Europe in 1991. Alongside market entry in Asia in 1994, the opening of offices in further strategic locations followed, in Western and Northern Europe in 1998, USA in 2000, South America in 2005 and Africa in 2008.

Our success has always been based on the success of our German clients: Rödl & Partner is always there where its clients see the potential for their business engagement. Rather than create an artificial network of franchises or affiliates, we have chosen to set up our own offices and rely on close, multidisciplinary and cross-border collaboration among our colleagues. As a result, Rödl & Partner stands for international expertise from a single source.

Our conviction is driven by our entrepreneurial spirit that we share with many, but especially German family-owned companies. They appreciate personal service and value an advisor they see eye to eye with.

Our ‘one face to the client’ approach sets us apart from the rest. Our clients have a designated contact person who ensures that the complete range of Rödl & Partner services is optimally employed to the client’s benefit. The ‘caring partner’ is always close at hand; they identify the client’s needs and points to be resolved. The ‘caring partner’ is naturally also the main contact person in critical situations.

We also stand out through our corporate philosophy and client care, which is based on mutual trust and long-term orientation. We rely on renowned specialists who think in an interdisciplinary manner, since the needs and projects of our clients cannot be confined to individual professional disciplines. Our one-stop-shop concept is based on a balance of expertise across the individual service lines, combining them seamlessly in multidisciplinary teams.

What sets us apart

Rödl & Partner is not a collection of accountants, auditors, attorneys, management and tax consultants working in parallel. We work together, closely interlinked across all service lines. We think from a market perspective, from a client’s perspective, where a project team possesses all the capabilities to be successful and realise our client’s goals.

Our interdisciplinary approach is not unique, nor is our global reach or our particularly strong presence among family businesses. It is the combination that cannot be found anywhere else – a firm that is devoted to comprehensively supporting German businesses, wherever in the world they might be.

Rödl & Partner Budapest

Andrássy út 121.
1062 Budapest

+36 1 8149 800


Contact Person Picture

Dr. Roland Felkai

Graduate in Economics, M.A. (London), Tax Consultant

CEO and Partner

+36 1 8149 800

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